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Hubie Gellert notes that he has four grandchildren in college. Two at Bates, one at Northeastern and one at Williams. He is still recruiting Harvard interviewers.

Stan Katz notes,
“This May the mutual grandson of Mike Greenebaum and Stan Katz, Sam Katz, graduated PBK and summa from Clark University in Worcester.
Sam majored in Japanese Studies . . . and is now looking for a job!”

On Saturday May 13th, 2017 Rabbi Harvey Tattelbaum officiated at the final ceremonies of Bat-mitzvah of his two youngest granddaughters and, at the same ceremony, celebrated his own “Bar-mitzvah Shaynee” (second) - an old Jewish custom when one reaches the age of 83 (70 +13= 2nd Bar Mitzvah). The “Mega” event was held at the Dolce Conference Center in Norwalk, CT which had been “morphed” into “Synagogue mode” for the occasion. Harvey is now retired from grandchild Bar/Bat mitzvah officiation after seven ceremonies!

John Flannigan notes that his daughter, Anna S. Bryan, Beloit College, 2010, George Washington University, 2016 will marry Sami Lamine on October 22, 2016.

Hugh Gellert writes from Alaska that his first two grandchildren are in college back East.
"Tyler Dunn is at Northeastern and Carlie Gellert at Bates."

Peter Malkin is happy to report marriages of two grandchildren.
"Both are graduates of Harvard College. One, with her husband, has just started at the Business School from which two of her sisters have graduated. Oldest grandson, a Marine, has graduated from Yale Law School (after Harvard College and after Circuit Court clerking) and is working with his brother in Hillary Clinton's Brooklyn Headquarters. A third brother is a Navy Seal and their sister is working in Colorado for Senator Michael Bennet."

Renny Little and Dick Zwetsch had a chance encounter with one of Frank Mahoney's sons upon climbing the stairs in the Stadium before the Cornell football game. He is a Cornell graduate (much to the dislike of his father) and was on his way to the press booth to do the color commentary for Cornell.

Joseph Murphy notes that
"Three of my grandchildren - Fletcher, Blake and Cameron Weld - have a candidate in this year's presidential sweepstakes; their great uncle, former Massachusetts governor William Weld, AB '66, JD '70, is the Vice President of the United States on the Libertarian ticket. Vote Harvard!"

Al Kliman reports that his granddaughter, Shoshie Bloom, has started her PhD program at UMASS.
"Her subject - biomedical engineering."

Bruce Selya writes,
"Cindy and I learned recently that our oldest grandchild, Brad Sherman, will be matriculating at Harvard Law School (Class of 2019). We are probably more excited about this than Brad! Otherwise, things continue to go well for us. My steadily diminishing vision produces some limitations, but I continue working; and we are fortunate to be able to enjoy homes in Providence, on Cape Cod, and in Florida."

John Flanigan reports that his daughter, Anna S. Bryan has begun a Master's program at George Washington University, concerning development of overseas exchange programs.

Renny Little notes with pride that his daughter Cristina is now a National Board Certified Teacher.
"She is a Special Needs teacher in Arizona."
Renny also noted his granddaughter Caroline was on the Acton-Boxboro Massachusetts State Champion Field Hockey team.

Lee Robert Hall, grandson of Bob Mower, has been invited to play at tackle for the Senior's Team of U.S.A. Football Championship on February 3, 2016 at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium.
"Lee is 17 and completing his senior year at Cedar Creek High School which made the play-offs in their division in the Austin Texas area.
USA Football is a high level of pre-college football; it's carried on the internet. Lee has been mentored by
some outstanding coaches, is athletic, and has the size at 6'3" 285 lbs. and the speed to excel."

Renny Little's two granddaughters were on the Acton-Boxborough, MA field hockey team which won the Massachusetts Division 1 State Campionship.

Peter Hiam's son Michael has spent years researching the fate of the grand rigid airships and his newly published book is entitled "Dirigible Dreams."
It is available through Amazon.

Peter Dunne announces the wedding of daughter Sarah Evelyn Dunne to Symon Fife Rankine on April 14, 2014 at the Dunne's beach house in Kitty Hawk, N.C. Both are graduates of the Cambridge School, and Symon's father (Terry, deceased) was a member of the Cambridge Seven architectural firm. They are living in Maine.

11/ 02 /13:
Lois Barth Epstein writes,
"Our 6 grandchildren are showering me with great blessings. Jeffery, our oldest is enrolled in a masters degree program in Applied Physics before doing studies for his Ph.D. His sister Kendra is spending six months in Copenhagen in a student abroad program; Jacqueline has had a summer internship program doing science concerning Alzheimer's Disease at the Brice Center for Research on Aging; Genevieve is using Charlie Epstein's original cello to play in the Cazadero Symphony Orchestra; Violet is a talented artist, and Simon had a successful stage debut at age 10 at his summer camp. Science, art and music are predominant themes in their lives as they were in my dear husband Charlie's and my own. I am learning how to play the harp at age 79!"

John Flanigan reports that he has made 80 in one piece and has four children who are a source of joy.

Stan Katz notes that "grandson of Mike Greenebaum and Yours Truly, is now a freshman at Clark University in Worcester." Stan is still a professor at Princeton.

"I am happy to report that my widowed daughter has found a man for herself and will be married again at the end of September. I will be taking my entire family, including grandchildren, to Cancun to celebratemy 80th birthday."
Al Kliman

Herb Neuwalder's daughter Jennifer has finished a Child/Adolescent Fellowship and is now on the staff of the Cambridge Health Alliance in Cambridge, MA.

Andy Sabey and his wife Dee traveled from Coronado CA to Norfolk VA to attend the wedding of their daughter Holly. "Life is good with daily walks on the beach."

Bill O'Donnell writes,
"Here's another video classmates might like. I never thought Polo was exciting to watch.
Then I saw this new video Brendan has done on YouTube,
It's a great view of the sport.
Nice addition to the videos he's done on The Travers, Fasig-Tipton, The Floral Fete and other events we've covered in our Reports.
They can also be reached from our www.wiltonnewyork.com and www.geysermiltonreport.com.
The stories are there with even more pictures. Ads from advertiser (No Charge) run in rotation by the stories."

Bill O'Donnell writes,
"Don’t know where any of you were for Travers Race at Saratoga,
But this video done by my son Brendan is fun.
Strictly Travers in the Paddock – then the race.
Think you’ll enjoy it."

Harvey Tattelbaum and Meryl, are pleased to announce that 3 of their 7 grandchildren were born in 2000 within 100 days. In 2013 , this past Spring, the family celebrated a “TRI-MITZVAH” ceremony at the Candlewood Inn at the shore of Lake Candlewood near their Connecticut country home. The “Inn” was set up as a sanctuary and reception locale. “Grandpa Rabbi Harvey Tattelbaum” officiated.

Jim Pates notes that the Boston Sunday Globe on June 16th ran an article on Joss Whedon, the talented son of Tom Whedon, entitled "From Buffy to the Bard."
Joss's new Shakespeare film "Much Ado" is opening here in Boston.
Joss is perhaps best known as the writer-director of the third biggest box office hit of all time, "The Avengers."

Douglas Hartley calls your attention to his daughter Sandra's book "Sanctuary House".
"The title is listed in Amazon's Kindle section with Alexandra Stopford as the author. It tells the story of a young girl's experiences with a commune in England under messianic direction.
While I admit to being biased, I found it a riveting read.
Available only in the Kindle edition, it costs about $6 plus postage.
She'd also welcome any comments you might want to make on the Amazon Site.

Michael Greenebaum and musical family were featured on February 15th in the Quartetville blog.

Quartetville had the chance recently to talk with a whole family of musicians. They are the Greenebaum family from Amherst, MA, whose four daughters comprise a quartet. Sally, who plays cello, is the oldest, followed by Katie, who plays violin and viola, Debby (violin and viola) and Susie (also violin and viola).

Herb Franklin notes that "the third generation of our family has connected with Harvard as a result of the admission of our granddaughter, Stephanie Franklin. Her parents are Jonathan Franklin and Sharon Bradford Franklin, '86."

Herb Neuwalder celebrated a grandson, Herbert Rathbone Neuwalder, on October 4, 2012.

John Flanigan notes that his son Mark is now a Program Director of the International Japanese Christian University Foundation, based in Manhattan. His daughter Ann is a Beliot Office of International Education Intern, after spending two years in Russia as a Fulbright English teacher.

Alan Dann
"Our granddaughter Ruby will be 13 soon and is becoming a lovely articulate young lady."

David Wise recently became the grandfather of twins. A boy and a girl.

John Flanigan writes, "My daughter Anne Bryan (Beloit '10) is about to start the second year of her Fulbright Teaching Fellowship in Russia." John retired from the EEOC, Office of Federal Operations in November, 2009 and now lives at Emeritus of Arlington Assisted Living Facility.

"We are doing our best to go forward after the sudden and unexpected death of our dear son Chip."
Paul Merlin

Bill Small is proud of his two granddaughters who graduated from college last May. Kate Fox from Northeastern and Anna Fox from Providence College.

Carl Goldman reports that his first grandchild, Leah Cynthia Goldman, will be a freshman at Harvard next year.

Ted Gleason notes: "Our youngest daughter, Eliza, who lives a mile from us here in Washington, just gave birth to her third daughter, Lila Frances Kean, whose arrival has filled our days.There have been visits from other family members surrounding the birth of grandchild #7. Our eldest daughter, Sarah, who directs college placement at Kent is due here for a week. All of this changes my normal, steady schedule of desk work a great deal." Ted is also assisting Renny Little with a 60th Reunion at the Rivers School which both attended in the early grades before boarding school.

Fred Church took his wife Mary, children and grandchildren on a family cruise from Montreal to Boston last July.

"Once again we have moved to be closer to our families. 5 children are now within 15 minutes and max 31/2 hours drive away. The 2 in Florida will have to fly."
Christoph Pfeiffer 114 Clam Pudding, Plymouth, MA 02360.

"Now there are six grandchildren in town. More work for Anne, more hugs for me!"
Pete Watson

Fred Rabin's son John (USNA '91) is living in Annapolis and doing consulting work for the Department of Homeland Security. His daughter Martha Ann (Sweetbriar '92) lives in Denver and runs the Visa Information Systems. "Three grandchildren, ages 8, 4 and 1."

Ted Hersh writes that he and his wife Rebecca continue to work full time in their healthcare company
(Thione International) despite losing all of his vision due to Retinitis. "For other good news, our grandchildren are beginning to apply to colleges and we hope one or more can attend Harvard."

John Flannigan's daughter Anna Bryan graduated from Beloit College (scl, PBK) last spring and did a
summer internship at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. She has a Fulbright Scholarship for a year in Kursk, Russia. John retired ("at last") from EEOC last December and has learned to value
long-term care insurance.

"We have skipped a generation, but our grandson is applying to Harvard for his undergraduate education,"
writes Martin Cassidy, who is still applying his efforts to CO2 Sequestration as a research scientist at the University of Houston.

Sarie Booy (Cavers) writes:
"David Cavers would be so proud of his children...Nancy, Bill and Tom. We have a spread of grandchildren from ages 27 to 2. Our oldest granddaughter married last summer ('09) at the beautiful Kunde winery in Sonoma County, California and our youngest just turned 2 in Argentina while visiting another set of grandparents. The grandchildren are Katie Dougherty Kunde. 27; Ben Dougherty, 22; Glenda Dougherty, 20; Douglas Cavers, 18; Ann Cavers, 16; Lola Cavers, 5; and Trinidad Cavers, 2. They are a healthy, curious, fun-loving bunch! And they are the best gift David ever gave me!"

John Geenty writes:
"Hi, a picture of me and my two grandsons. On the left is my youngest grandson, Turner R.J. Geenty and the other boy is my oldest, John C. Geenty III. I attended his graduation from 8th Grade at Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA, June 2010."

Judge and Boys, 2010


John Ogden reports that his grandson Nick has been named captain of hockey for the 2010-211 season at Lawrenceville. "Of course he also plays lacrosse like his brother John who is playing both sports at Hamilton. Moreover, granddaughter Katie has received a handsome scholarship to play lacrosse at Shendandoah and granddaughter Laura has been named captain of the women's lacrosse team at Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY."

Stan Katz notes that "Julia Halberstam’s wedding (and reception at the Central Park Zoo!) were really wonderful events on June 12. David would have loved it – and who knows, perhaps he did . . ."

Andy Ward's daughter Elizabeth celebrated her 25th Reunion at Harvard this past May. Seen here with one of the colorful Commencement Marshals on hand for photo-ops.


George Buehler's daughter Shoshanna will be a sophomore at the New Hampton School in New Hampton, NH. next fall.
One of her classmates will be Elaina Little, Renny Little's granddaughter.

Congratulations to Fred Church, who writes that he and Mary L. Campbell were married at sunset on the beach at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on Wednesday, April 28, 2010. "We live at Oldfield, a private river community nearby in Okatie, SC where we struggle at golf, fish, work out regularly, hunt for quail and turkey in season, ride occasionally and enjoy our many friendships, old and new."

Barry Sachs notes that his first grandchild Kate Alexander was born on January 8, 2008, followed by a second James Korb on June 22, 2009, both to daughter Lisa.

Former varsity lacrosse goalie John Ogden writes that, "grandson John, having played his final game at Lawrenceville, has just been named to the Academic All-American Lacrosse Team. He co-captained the hockey team and was awarded the Best Player Trophy. He goes to Hamilton College (son Jeff's alma mater) where he will play both sports.
Granddaughter Caroline made the Ridgefield, CT varsity as a ninth grader and scored the winning goal in the last 20 seconds of her first game against the Hatters of Danbury. Granddaughters Katie (a junior) and Laura (a sophomore) played varsity lacrosse for Horace Greeley High in Chappaqua,NY.
Grandson Malcolm is playing in goal for the U12 club in Newburyport, MA.
Unfortunately Dorothy and I have not been able, (nor will we) to see any of this but we are kept in touch by the miracle of the Internet."

Bruce Brown writes: "Have 5 grand and 2 great grandchildren. 3 grandkids in college, 1 in the Army and one just left for DC for greener (hopefully) pastures. Hope to attend the 55th Reunion if all my missing and new body parts will allow."

John Flanigan serves as a Compliance Officer for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. "My daughter, Anna Bryan (Beloit College, 2010) is spending the fall semester in Moscow at the Russian University for the Humanities."

"My youngest son, the REAL Peter Watson, has moved permanently to Harwich with his son, Charlie and daughter, Sally plus mom, Patty and cat. Now 4 grandchildren are in Town!" Pete Watson. "Babysitter Extraordinary."







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