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The Class Assistance Fund



Class Assistance Fund Report:

Treasurer Dick Zwetsch reported for Chairman David Wise that during the past year there were no gifts to classmates. 22 gifts were made in memory of deceased classmates totaling $550.

The Fund received non-tax deductible contributions of $5,425 from 93 classmates (including $340 from 7 Radcliffe classmates) compared to $4,895 from 81 classmates last year and $4,755 from 88 classmates the previous year.

The Fund, since it started, has received contributions totaling $89,367 from 249 different classmates and has made gifts of $65,633 to 12 different Harvard (and Radcliffe) classmates and 1249 Memorial gifts totaling $6,175.

As of June 30, 2017 the Fund had a current balance of $17,559.46.

Discussion followed on whether to continue to solicit for the CAF. A motion was made and seconded to discontinue funding for a year. Upon further discussion, the motion was withdrawn. The Class Committee will review the matter, with recommendations from the CAF Committee at its next annual meeting.

VOTED: to accept the Class Assistance Fund report and place it on file, with thanks to David, Dick and Committee members for their efforts on behalf of classmates in need and those remembered with a Memorial gift.

During the past year CAF has made 3 "unexpected" gifts totaling $6,900 to 3 different classmates, all of whom we have assisted in the past. In addition, 11 gifts were made in memory of deceased classmates totaling $275, all to specific charities designated by the classmate's family.

CAF received non-tax deductible contributions of $5,840 from 95 classmates (including $470 from 6 Radcliffe classmates) compared to $3,285 from 62 classmates last year and $4,085 from 68 classmates the previous year. This is the largest amount in numbers and dollars since the 2007-'08 year.

Since it was founded, CAF has received contributions totaling $52, 625 from 203 different classmates. It has made gifts of $47,708 to 8 different classmates and 68 Memorial gifts totaling $1,700. as of June 30, 2011,

As of the date above, CAF has a balance of $6, 464.40.

Phyllis Yood Beineke and Jean Hardy Little have been invited to join Harvard 55's committee for the Class Assistance Fund. This committee solicits funds once a year through a request in the Harvard '55 Addendum. Last year there were several Radcliffe contributions, prompting Chairman David Wise and his committee to add two Radcliffe members and to invite Radcliffe classmates who are in financial need to apply for help. Typically, recipients are given amounts of $2000 or less (and apparently a few recent awards have been given to meet dental expenses). Should you have need for help from the CAF, or should you know of a classmate who is struggling financially, please contact Phyllis or Jean. For more information about this fund, "google" Harvard Class of 1955 and click on "Roadside Help."


1955's Class Assistance Fund (1955 CAF)

The Class of 1955 established the Class Assistance Fund (1955 CAF) at our 35th Reunion in 1990. Since then, it has been supported entirely by voluntary contributions from class members.

1955 CAF offers an "unexpected gift" to a class member facing a financial, physical or psychological setback.

This assistance is not an annual subsidy, guarantee or promise. Widows and widowers of Harvard and Radcliffe1955 are eligible.

In 2004, the 1955 CAF committee approved sending twenty-five dollars in memory of a deceased class member to the charity specified in the obituary. If no suggestion is provided the same amount, in memory of, is forwarded to the Harvard College Fund.

1955 CAF is available for class members, widows and widowers to help defray reunion expenses except for transportation.

David Wise would like to hear from class members at 978-546-7395, if there is immediate need for financial assistance by a class member. Requests are reviewed by the 1955 CAF committee of class members. Information is held in strict confidence.

Gifts to 1955 CAF are not tax deductible. If you wish, please send your contribution to Treasurer Richard W. Zwetsch, 148 Clinton Ave. Falmouth, MA , 02540.

The eventual beneficiary of remaining funds will be the President and Fellows of Harvard College as stipulated under Article VI of the 1955 Class Constitution.





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